Year 6 visit Hardcastle Crags

Last week we went to Hardcastle Crags. We took the red route along the valley, before challenging ourselves to walk the purple route. For the first part we climbed a steep rocky hill then we went down the other side: this was also very rocky and slippery. The ground had leaves and mud which felt very different. The puddles were quite deep from the amount of rain that was pouring down on us.

 For the second part, we went even further along the valley. We were lucky enough to catch sight of an extremely big ant’s nest. It was made of millions of tiny sticks and twigs that the ants had added to their nest every day. Also, there were quite a lot of leave scattered within it.

We needed the bathroom. The revolting part of it was…the wormery! We found out that the worms were living in a tank eating and drinking our waste. Afterwards, we were on our way to eat lunch at Gibson Mill. We were fortunate enoughto eat inside thanks to the kind gentlemen there, otherwise we would have probably have been soaked with the rain!

Afterwards, we carried on and found the Crags and stopped for a quick breather before continuing. We observed the river along a different part of the valley. We followed the river and crossed a few wooden bridges. Then came the hard part - which made us become even more tired and cautious. The bad weather had made the narrow rocks very slippery.

After that, we went all the way back to mill – crossed the bridge and struck a pose for Mrs Tordoff’s iPad. Finally, we headed all the way back up to the minibus. We were exhausted. In total we had walked over 5 and a half miles.

By Keira and Ella – Year 6 Maple

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