Goodnight Mr Tom - Challenge!

This week lots of children in Year 5 have chosen Goodnight Mr Tom as their class reading book.

This is a story about an evacuee named Willie who stays with Mr Oakley in the countryside. During the story we learn more about Willie’s life and the relationship he has with his cruel mother.

Most children will be reaching the end of the chapter 1, here are two reading activities they can complete in their reading journal to show their understanding:


Activity 2 - Character Comparison

Compare Mr Oakley (aka Mr Tom) to Mr Reynolds from the Year 4 novel - Friend of Foe.

How are they similar/dissimilar in appearance?

Are their personalities the same?

Remember to use evidence from Chapter 1 to help you with you comparison.


Activity 6 – Find, copy and explain

Write a paragraph that describes what Willie is like as a person. This should include his appearance as well as his personality.

Don’t forget to find evidence from the text (pg2-6 are good starting points) to support your description.

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